Conversations of a higher order, a deeper look into the Ancient Wisdom Teachings, and a scientific approach to living the spiritual life today - INTU carefully examines what makes our souls tick, bringing understanding and powerful insights into our search for light and the God Self at the center of our being.

Beyond Metaphysics - combining the best of Science with the best of Religion

Beyond Metaphysics

Metaphysics is the study of the underlying principles behind or "beyond" the appearance of things. These principles are usually portrayed through the language of myths and symbols, which makes them seem unreal. Beyond Metaphysics explores those areas where symbols and myths overlap the real world and shows how we can use these to attain profound spiritual experiences.

Café Religio - developing your personal spiritual path

Café Religio

The value of any religion is in its underlying principles. These are non-sectarian, universal, and accessible to all. Once we discover these principles, we can take the best parts of a religion and successfully adapt them to our lives, without getting bogged down in its non-essential cultural aspects. If you want to get at the heart of the matter, Café Religio is for you.

On the Button - how words and symbols affect our perception

On the Button

On the Button is inspired by the study of Hopi linguistics, which shows the profound impact of language on thought and experience. In it we learn about the symbols that underlie the words we use to describe God and reality and how those symbols actually work. Understanding leads to knowledge, which in turn leads to experience.

The Lotus and the Rose - the identical teachings of Buddha and Jesus

The Lotus and the Rose

looks at the teachings of Jesus Christ within the larger context of the ancient teachings of the Eastern Tradition. Here we discover similarities in their underlying principles, making them more real and more relevant.

New Wine - living a spiritual life in the 21st Century

New Wine

is a collection of stories that bring 21st Century spirituality into everyday life. Exploring the lives of others, we watch as they develope a deeper wisdom and broader understanding of the ways of God.

The Eternal Flame - the future of the Great Work

The Eternal Flame

is an open letter to spiritual aspirants everywhere, whether their spiritual path is monastic or that of a lone seeker. It looks at the inner workings of the spiritual life and how spiritual consciousness can affect changes in the world.